Rachel Dolezal Is Back and Still Convincing Herself She’s Black

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Almost one year later, white woman-turned-black activist Rachel Dolezal is back and not by popular demand.

Dolezal, former Spokane, Wash. NAACP president  grasped her last 15 minutes of fame during a “Today” show interview Tuesday, promoting a new book on racial identity and shying away any regret over the racial controversy that caused her to resign last year.

Savannah Guthrie  anchor on the “Today” show tactfully asked Dolezal daughter of two white parents regretted “some of the things that you said about yourself that have now been revealed to not be true” —hint hint: passing herself off as black for years — Dolezal looked confused.

Dolezal a former professor taught material like “The Black Woman’s Struggle” and “Intro to Africana Studies” at Eastern Washington University. She also contributed pieces to regional publication The Inlander, with a piece called Let Us Breathe in 2014

Dolezal, please stop and just know “You Ain’t Gotta (Ta Kick It) *Ice Cube Voice*

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